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Use your device like a PC to stay productive and secure

Maintain the high level of productivity you need, wherever you are, by leveraging the seamless, secure mobile experience offered by Windows 10.

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Choose from a wide variety of devices to fit your style

Windows 10 devices offer the broadest range of innovative tablets, laptops, 2-in-1s, and portable All-in-Ones, all of which you can use like a PC. When your choice is a Windows 10 device, you can count on long-lasting batteries, faster processors, and high-resolution displays that keep you connected and productive wherever you are.

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Lighten your mobile experience without sacrificing power

Ultra-light Windows 10 devices such as Surface Pro pack all the power of a desktop PC in an easy-to-carry form that travels with you, whether your work takes you across town or around the world.

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Do your best work with a versatile digital ink experience

Transform your ideas into reality with easy-to-use, intuitive digital ink to create and edit documents, sketch out diagrams and models, annotate webpages, and much more. With Windows Ink and a pressure-sensitive digital pen such as Surface Pen, you can effortlessly draw, write, edit, annotate, communicate, and create on your mobile device, wherever and whenever inspiration strikes.

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Enjoy seamless integration across apps and devices

Windows 10 and Office 365 work seamlessly together to keep you productive and secure on all your devices, even when you need to switch between them. When your company has an Office 365 subscription, you can install the Office apps you need—such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote—on your PC, tablet, and smartphone. You can even start creating a document on your PC, continue editing on your tablet, and finish up on your smartphone.

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Work with confidence wherever you go

With Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), your data can remain secure even when you’re working far from your office. Windows Defender ATP is a cloud-powered agent built into Windows 10 Enterprise that works behind the scenes to detect threats on the network and helps your company’s IT team investigate and remediate data breaches. It uses behavior learning to detect attacks that have made it past all other defenses. As you use the service, it learns how to distinguish between normal and abnormal behavior for your organization.

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Case Studies

Airline puts real-time data in hands of pilots with Surface devices running Windows 10

Based in the United States, ExpressJet Airlines is committed to safety and outstanding customer service. The airline wanted to make its operations more efficient, streamline day-to-day tasks, and provide pilots with crucial real-time data. ExpressJet deployed Windows 10 on Microsoft Surface 3 devices, loaded with the weather, mapping, and flight information the pilots need. Now pilots use a lightweight device, eliminating the need to carry heavy flight bags with paper manuals to and from the aircraft.

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