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Create secure locations for files for access across devices

Being able to access your work files while you’re out of town is vital to staying on top of things back in the office. By creating a document library in SharePoint that all members of your team can use, or by storing files that only you need access to in OneDrive, you can provide a more secure place for all your work files. In addition to accessing files from SharePoint or OneDrive from almost any device, you can quickly access them, or those sent as attachments, in a special view in Outlook on the web.

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Stay productive on any device, even while offline

If you know you’ll be working in an out-of-service area, you can download in advance all the files you want to work with to almost any device from your OneDrive, and then make your changes. Your files will sync when you’re back online. When you have the OneDrive sync client installed, you can access your OneDrive and SharePoint files securely from anywhere from within the OneDrive app.

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Securely share files with colleagues and external stakeholders

Here’s a familiar scenario: You write a contract, send it for review to coworkers and the client, receive multiple copies back—all with different change requests—and then need to merge all the changes into one document. Suddenly, your single document has turned into several, possibly conflicting, versions. You no longer have a single source of the truth. You can avoid all that by saving the document to SharePoint or OneDrive, setting edit permissions for coworkers and clients, and then sharing it with the colleagues or clients you want to review it.

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Upload and access documents virtually anywhere on most devices

Uploading documents to OneDrive or SharePoint is easy from almost any device. You can scan, share, upload, and edit documents and photos right into the OneDrive mobile app. And then it’s easy to share to anyone on any device.

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Create links to share large documents, anytime, from your device

You can distribute a link to a large file for collaboration quickly and easily while you’re on the go from almost any device by using Outlook. When you send a link to a file that's saved to OneDrive and SharePoint, you ensure that everyone is viewing the same copy of the document. Before sending the link, you can set permissions to allow the message recipient read-only or edit access. You can also allow the recipient to share the file with others.

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Case Studies

SharePoint Swoop - The intranet makeover show

Join three superhero Microsoft MVPs as they swoop into the fantastical world of Funko Inc., a worldwide leader in pop culture. Things are Pop!ing up in Everett, WA, and the intrepid Funko IT department is fighting to keep up with the company’s rapid growth. They need to refine collaboration, enhance communication and enhance their intranet to support their fast-paced and growing business. The MVPs have just three days to help. Can they do it? Binge watch the five-part video series and find out now!

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