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Desktop Analytics

To help you efficiently deploy and keep Windows 10 current.

Why Desktop Analytics?

Make informed decisions

Comprehensive inventory, application compatibility assessment, diagnostics data and representative pilots, to help you generate actionable insights.

Simplify the deployment process

Centralized visibility and control to optimize the end-to-end deployment and upgrade process.


Desktop Analytics simplifies the end-to-end deployment and upgrade process by providing comprehensive inventory, application compatibility assessment, pilot recommendations, and actionable insights.

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Pilot recommendations

Desktop Analytics makes it easy to get pilots right by recommending a list of minimal devices to pilot based on analysis of hardware and apps.

Compatibility analysis

Desktop Analytics not only identifies a comprehensive list of desktop apps and drivers for evaluation, it also does a risk level assessment, and provides possible remediation.

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Data insights

Get insights and context by comparing your organization’s data with aggregated data from other Microsoft cloud-connected devices.

Simplified deployment planning

Easily plan deployments with step-by-step guidance from Desktop Analytics.

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End-to-end visibility

Gain end-to-end visibility and control over all aspects of deployment - from pilot to deployment and production.

Configuration Manager integration

Keep using your existing deployment tools! Desktop Analytics has deep integration with Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager to let you work the way you want.

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How it works

Desktop Analytics makes the end-to-end deployment and upgrade process easy. No need to create manual app inventory lists, or figure out which ones are compatible and which ones are high risk. Just follow the recommended pilot, confidently knowing that the right set of devices have been identified by Desktop Analytics for a successful pilot.

1. Get ready

Get baseline setup in place.

2. Initiate setup

Setup Azure workspace and configuration manager.

3. Prep devices and access data

Enroll devices, review inventory, and understand status.

4. Execute

Prepare deployment plan, and execute.

Still have questions?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more information about how you can benefit from Desktop Analytics to simplify your deployment and upgrade processes.