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Logi Dock Flex


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Find the right seat

Employees can either book their desks in advance through Outlook or Teams, or directly on the screen once they are in the office. Think of Logi Dock Flex as a Tap Scheduler docking station for the desk. The user experience is exactly the same. Combined, Logitech and Microsoft Teams empower users to find spaces that fit their needs for the day, hour, or moment. No training needed.

Get right to work

Give employees a better hot desking experience by using Logi Dock Flex with Microsoft Teams. By using a single USB-C cable, employees easily book their space in Outlook and then plug their computers into the dock to connect their peripherals and get right to work. Logi Dock Flex can be remotely managed through Teams Admin Center.

Manage through Teams Admin Center or Logitech Sync

Logi Dock Flex is easily managed in TAC or jointly with Sync. Together, Logitech and Microsoft Teams offer easy management and support for flexible spaces. Continuous software updates and innovations ensure your spaces, devices and tools are always up to date.