Logitech - Rally Bar Huddle or Teams Rooms on Windows

Rally Bar Huddle for Teams Rooms on Windows (with Lenovo Core)


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Logitech Huddle Room Universal VC Appliance with Tap Cat5e + Rally Bar Huddle

Choose the ease of deploying our solutions in Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows. Rally Bar Huddle for Teams Rooms on Windows is a universal video conferencing appliance kit for huddle to small rooms, featuring the Logitech Rally Bar Huddle video bar and Logitech Tap with Cat5e touch controller.

Enable equitable meetings

Ensure everyone can be seen and heard clearly during hybrid meetings. AI video intelligence, advanced sound pickup, noise suppression, and continuous software improvements provide a clear and natural meeting experience for remote workers.

Start meetings with a tap

With a generous 10.1” touch screen, a range of optional mounts, and robust cable retention, Logitech Tap with Cat5e offers touch control that’s always ready for the next meeting.