Envision the Art of the Possible
Accelerating you on your digital journey
The Microsoft Envision the Art of the Possible Workshop will accelerate your journey to becoming a digital business. We'll help you visualize innovative solutions to improve your customer engagement, employee empowerment, operational optimization, and product transformation.
Unlock your potential 
  • Improve business performance, create different customer and employee experiences, and integrate transformational technology.
    Microsoft offers a rapid envisioning to help you challenge standard conventions that help you imagine the art of the possible, to explore questions like "imagine if...?" or "what if...?"
    Our practitioners will guide you through your digital transformation by:
    • Identifying the big idea and a key scenario of your customers’ or employee journey
    • Discussing your needs, desired outcomes and how to get there
    • Exploring barriers to transitioning
    • Identifying implications for integrating transformative technologies into your business
    • Applying leading domain and industry insights in understanding your specific business strategies and needs
    Our people-centered, design-based approach uses a combination of deep research and envisioning tools to bring forward insights from across numerous domains, technologies and industries.
  • The value to you
  • We'll help you:
    • Evaluate existing ideas or develop new ideas
    • Educate decision makers
    • Investigate transformation tactics
    • Explore the impact of digital transformation on your business
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  • Research
    • Anonymous studies
    • Heuristics
    • Scenario planning
    • Environmental analysis
    • Understand the organization, employees, and customers
    • Consider motivations
  • Envision
    • Generate ideas
    • Ask questions such as “what if…?”, “imagine if…?”
    • Apply scenario-planning techniques to help build the target state
    • Identify events that are likely to have an impact on the organization and the desired future state
  • Design
    • Business, experience, and technology perspective
    • Identify potential new breakthroughs
  • Optimal value creation happens where these three dimensions intersect.
  • Business
    Your organization wants to make money and be successful. You want to do things better and in innovative ways.
  • Experience
    We research, synthesize, and create unique and compelling insights and user experiences that can help you be more competitive and differentiate your business.
  • Technology
    Increase the value created from technology, enable new business model creation, streamline business processes, and enhance user experience.
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Empower your organization to do more by accelerating the value imagined and realized from your digital experiences.
Contact your Microsoft Representative and ask for an Envision Art of the Possible Workshop today.