Enterprise IT Trends

Business and IT leaders are using technologies driven by today’s IT megatrends to outpace change and the competition. Microsoft Services helps you cut through the hype, understand today’s IT Trends and the industry changes that are happening along with them, and begin to use these emerging technologies to your advantage.

  • IT Trends – Big DataBig Data

    From Big Data to Machine Learning, data is driving more of the business conversations than ever before. See how Microsoft Services can help customers turn unstructured data into meaningful business agility and innovation.

  • IT Trends – Cloud ComputingCloud Computing

    Microsoft Services approaches cloud computing as a way to help enterprise customers take a key step toward better business agility, economics, and user experiences.

  • IT Trends – Consumerization of ITConsumerization of IT

    The blending of consumer and enterprise technologies is the Consumerization of IT, and it has led many organizations to rethink their business models to promote agility and flexibility for their employees.

  • IT Trends – Innovation for GrowthInnovation for Growth

    The need to constantly innovate is not limited to your products and services; it also extends to internal processes and business models. Microsoft can help you to use technology to inspire and support innovation across your business.

  • IT Trends – MobilityMobility

    Embracing mobility will help you streamline workflows and cut down on the time it takes to deliver end value as you rethink opportunities in deskless work scenarios, engage customers more deeply, and gain competitive advantage.

  • IT Trends – Optimizing CostsOptimizing Costs

    Today's IT organizations face unique challenges. They're asked to drive transformation while optimizing costs. Microsoft's strategy for cost optimization helps improve competitiveness and increase performance.

  • IT Trends – PlatformsPlatforms

    In a rapidly changing business and technological landscape, Microsoft Services will support you and work to ensure that your IT Systems and application portfolios keep pace with your changing business needs.

  • IT Trends – Social EnterpriseSocial Enterprise

    Social has clearly rewired the way we communicate in our personal lives and it can do the same for businesses. Leveraging a social enterprise plan will integrate your communication tools, internal teams all while leveraging customer insights.


What’s the Future of Tech?

Understand valuable insights on innovation drivers from Microsoft Services Chief Technology Officer, Norm Judah. In this video, Norm discusses technology innovations and their impact on our personal and professional lives with Lex Thomas, Taste of Premier Host.

  • Swift changes in technology, such as Surface Hub, are enabling group collaboration and increasing office productivity.
  • The cloud is driving a new wave of innovation through IOT and Machine Learning which changes the role of data, storage, cloud computing and identity and security policies.