Modern Business Applications

Enable productivity on every device that grows with your business

Modern Business Applications

Enterprise businesses have a tremendous opportunity to make information more easily accessible to customers, employees, or others you chose, along with the ability to provide that data on any device, at any time, through new and modern business applications connected to cloud services. Microsoft Services can help businesses develop modern applications and modernize legacy applications to capitalize on IT paradigms, including cloud, social, mobility, and big data.

Your value

Dated legacy technologies mean high maintenance and support costs and limited flexibility in adding the enhancements or updates that your business requires. Microsoft Services offers modern business solutions to help develop, integrate and update new applications in order to drive these and other potential benefits:

  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) over the life of the application

  • Reduced risk to mission-critical systems and improved supportability

  • An agile platform that helps you speed time to market for new applications and differentiate, grow, and improve existing products and services

Our approach

Microsoft Services has been helping enterprise customers around the world to deliver business value by leveraging new IT paradigms, including cloud, social, mobility, and big data. We understand that your business needs to benefit from modern applications that:

  • Provide a user-centric experience with accessibility from any device

  • Integrate the experience with social identity, allowing connections to colleagues, family, and friends

  • Gather and serve up the right data, at the right time, in a format that allows informed task-at-hand decision making

We can help your internal teams build out these modern applications, securely integrate them with your current systems, and provide a platform for the future. To help speed the time-to-value and to reduce the potential risks involved, Microsoft Services provides various consulting capabilities, including Customer Experience Management (CXM) and Modern Application Services and on-going IT support.

Customers' expectations are greater than ever, and the resulting challenges for your business are complex. Customer Experience Management (CXM) from Microsoft Services provides the solutions that help your organization:

  • Delight your customers with a richer user experience and provide a consistent, contextualized brand experience

  • Connect and build customer relationships across disparate media and a multitude of devices

  • Leverage business analytics and insight into online investments from customer interactions

  • Measure results and find new ways to innovate, extend reach, and drive business growth

Modern Application Services from Microsoft Services offers a wide range of in-depth technical consulting capabilities that include cloud, security and identity, composite applications, and integration and platform services designed to help you:

  • Develop cloud applications and services

  • Cost-effectively implement a social infrastructure without jeopardizing proprietary information

  • Support various mobile platforms and build a supportable architecture in which standards can be consistently applied

  • Effectively engineer your applications to efficiently access or move large amounts of data around the network without impacting application performance

With the help of Microsoft Services Premier Support for Developers, your business can accelerate and streamline the internal software development cycle. By working side by side with enterprise IT support experts from Microsoft and engaging in training programs, workshops, best practices and labs. Our team of experts will help your team enhance their skills and develop with Microsoft standards to facilitate the creation of successful and effective applications.


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