Nationwide financial services firm maximizes uptime for mission critical payment service

Premier Mission Critical Support

With Microsoft Services Premier Mission Critical (PMC) your business receives Microsoft’s advanced level of service and support that aligns with your business objectives and helps you extract more value out of your mission critical solutions built on Microsoft technologies.

Your value

Premier Mission Critical is focused on maximizing uptime, optimizing performance and lowering the total cost of your mission critical solution.

Our approach

PMC offers enhanced service delivery management aligned with precision proactive and reactive services, which are organized into three Practice Areas. Each of these three Practice Areas work together and they are mutually reinforcing.

  • Assess & Plan is about thoroughly assessing the solution environment and developing a plan to drive ongoing solution stability and improvement.
  • Optimize & Remediate focuses on establishing business continuity by executing services and practices that improve health and performance across the entire Microsoft solution environment.
  • Restore & Protect is focused on restoring systems during service interruptions, is also directly related to the other two Practice Areas as we leverage root cause learnings to help keep problems from reoccurring.

Together, these Practice Areas are how Microsoft learns about your unique environment, then translates that understanding into a tangible and actionable plan that helps your IT solution deliver more business value to your organization.

Premier Mission Critical Support Overall Practice Areas Datasheet