Enterprise Security and Identity Solutions

Enterprise Security and Identity Solutions

Enterprise Security and Identity Solutions

Protecting business and IT assets is more critical than ever. Cloud computing, mobility, social networking, and growing volumes of information are driving constant change in the IT landscape and the way we all do business. Microsoft Services can help embrace these changes and protect businesses against increasingly sophisticated threats.

Your value

Develop and implement comprehensive enterprise data security and identity solutions for your business:

  • Adapt to the ever-changing threat landscape

  • Comply with corporate and regulatory requirements

  • Protect your unique IT infrastructure, applications, and data from internal and external threats

  • Securely adopt cloud, mobility and other solutions that drive business innovation

Our approach

Microsoft Services will help you identify and implement the best enterprise security solutions to address your company’s unique challenges and goals.

  • Cyber Threat Assistance: Experts when you need them to respond to cyber threats or attacks within your environment

  • Assessment: Comprehensive threat and vulnerability assessments of your enterprise data security and identity infrastructure and processes

  • Strategy and Architecture: Guidance, mitigation steps and prescriptive roadmaps

  • Identity and Access Control: Efficient and effective identity design, architecture and processes to help protect critical information and secure administrative accounts while preparing you to adopt mobility and cloud solutions

  • Fundamentals: Technical assistance to help you implement infrastructure, network, and core operating system security

Microsoft Services offers the Dynamic Identity Framework to help you formulate an overall identity strategy and develop the right identity platform to serve your business effectively. Over the course of an intensive two-week engagement, we help you determine your business goals and current identity maturity, and together we create a detailed roadmap outlining the identity solutions you need to support the future of your business. We will then work with you to implement the relevant identity solutions.

Developing an effective IT security program can be a daunting challenge. Your security program must protect the most important data and systems, while mitigating the most likely and dangerous threats. All of this must be done at a reasonable cost and with minimal disruption to the business. The two-week Microsoft Security Risk Assessment (MSRA) engagement is designed to help you overcome the challenges of creating an effective security program.

Having a Secure software development process is an essential part of a defense in depth implementation. The Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) Maturity Assessment is a two week engagement designed to help you assess the current state of your application security in development and provide an actionable roadmap that aligns the activities required to achieve the desired goals, prioritized against your organizational goals.

Protecting enterprise data is critical to every organization. To accomplish this, at a minimum, every large business IT strategy should include these security basics.

  • Know Where You Stand: Assess business goals, challenges and technical maturity and develop a prioritized list of risks and an auditing process to stay ahead of trending threats.

  • Keep Software Updated: Yesterday’s enterprise data security technology cannot protect against today’s threat landscape. Protection against modern threats begins with modern software and hardware. Install and run the latest Microsoft and third party products and implement good patch management practices.

  • Protect Identities: Malicious parties are targeting administrators and other critical accounts and services. Keep these identities protected across on-premises and cloud with a trustworthy identity platform that is aligned to the current threat environment.

  • Proactively Secure Your Applications: Fixes to code after release can cost you up to 30-times more than fixes performed during the design phase. Implement secure software development practices to build more secure software that addresses compliance requirements and avoid costly remediation activities.


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