Man in hard-hat, looking at his Lumia phone at construction site Man in hard-hat, looking at his Lumia phone at construction site Man in hard-hat, looking at his Lumia phone at construction site

Microsoft Lumia

Enterprise solutions and mobile device management for organizations with over 500 employees

Helping organizations do great things

Improve productivity and cost efficiency without compromising security. Lumia smartphones integrate seamlessly with core Microsoft systems like Exchange Server, Office 365, Azure AD and Skype for Business ensuring staff can safely work beyond the desktop and your IT team can worry less. And with Windows 10, employees will experience a range of optimized features and Universal apps that scale to work and can be managed across all your organization’s devices.

Productivity phones for everyone

Whether it’s a solution for executives, board team members or office-based staff, we offer a full range of Lumia smartphones to meet any need. All are designed with the same core functionality, connectivity, management and security. With Windows 10 built in, the Lumia 950 and 950 XL boast high speed processing, allowing staff to multitask, run powerful applications, while Windows Hello Beta’s double authentication ensures devices are for employees eyes only.

Smarter working solutions with Continuum

Multiple devices for your employees is old news. Staff can now use their smartphones like a PC with the Lumia 950 and 950 XL using Continuum optimized with the Microsoft Display Dock. Connected to a monitor, Lumia scales Universal apps automatically to the large screen, so working from a smartphone at home, in a hotel or in bookable workspaces is now an ideal solution.

A new type of PA

Helping staff manage work and home, Cortana is there to make life easier. From giving real-time traffic updates and route suggestions getting staff to appointments on time, to tracking flights, to voice activated reminders and hands-free composed emails she’s there to help get things done. And with Windows 10, Cortana is now available on PCs and tablets enabling her to pick up any information from one device and transferring it automatically to the others.

Enterprise-grade management and security

With Mobile Device Management, protect against modern security threats with secured mobile access to your organization’s corporate resources. And forget about the use of third-party apps and security patches as workaround solutions. With remote manageability, employees can carry on being productive without the delays of security updates taking them out of action. And with Enterprise-wipe, company data and settings can be removed from devices remotely when needed, without deleting personal data.

Apps for business

Whether your organization uses the Windows Store or Windows Store for Business, where apps can be bulk purchased and distributed there’s an app solution to suit your needs. And all apps are pre-screened for malware to help protect against modern security threats, so there’s less chance of downtime.

50% more benefits

Airline, non-profits, software, financial and manufacturing industries all saw huge benefits from investing in Lumia smartphones, according to Forrester. Not only did employees complete twice as many tasks, IT spent half the time on installation and security issues. Lumia has even helped businesses do great things by increasing sales. Over three years, companies have seen an amazing return on Lumia investment of 285%.

Success starts with a solid partnership

From retail to energy, manufacturing to construction, we’ve worked together with organizations to find solutions that meet their individual needs.