Movies Anywhere is a service that lets you sync your movie purchases across participating digital retailers, including Microsoft. By connecting your Microsoft account to Movies Anywhere, all your eligible movies purchased from other Movies Anywhere digital retailers that are connected to your Movies Anywhere account become available to watch on Microsoft, subject to availability with Microsoft. Your Microsoft movie library* will also be available in Movies Anywhere and other connected digital retailers, subject to availability with each digital retailer.

Movies Anywhere makes the movie watching experience easier and better by offering one home for your favorite purchased movies from participating digital retailers. When you connect your Movies Anywhere account with your Microsoft and other digital retailer accounts, all your eligible movie purchases will be accessible as one central library to watch anywhere, anytime.
* Only eligible movies that appear in your “Order history” in your Microsoft account are eligible to sync with Movies Anywhere.

To learn more about Movies Anywhere, visit https://help.MoviesAnywhere.com.

To connect your Microsoft account to Movies Anywhere, visit https://moviesanywhere.com/welcome and click "Get Started" to create a Movies Anywhere account or select "Log In" if you already have one. Once you are inside your Movies Anywhere account, click on your name on the top right corner to access your account settings and select "Manage Retailers". Click on "CONNECT" Microsoft and follow the instructions to connect your accounts.

You will be asked for permission to allow Microsoft to share your account information with Movies Anywhere, which includes your email address, eligible video purchases and use of purchased Movies Anywhere supported content ("Video Data"). Movies Anywhere will use and share your Video Data with other digital distributors that you've connected to and other Movies Anywhere participating studios and service providers.

To connect your Microsoft account using the Movies Anywhere mobile app:
- Open the Movies Anywhere app
- Log in to your existing Movies Anywhere account or create a new one
- Open the Movies Anywhere settings
- Select “Manage Retailers”
- Select Microsoft
- Follow all on-screen instructions to connect your accounts

Currently, only U.S. Microsoft accounts are eligible to connect to Movies Anywhere.

You can watch via the Microsoft Movies & TV app on Xbox or Windows or the Movies Anywhere website or app on iOS and Android, Amazon, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku devices. Just to name a few!

Playback on Xbox 360, Windows phones, and Windows devices running an older operating system than Windows 10, may be unavailable. For troubleshooting steps visit https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-360/apps/videos-missing-or-unviewable

After you select a movie in the Microsoft Store on Xbox, PC, or Web, look for the Movies Anywhere logo*. If you see the logo, then the movie is an eligible Movies Anywhere title. If you purchase the title and you are linked to Movies Anywhere, it will be added to both your Microsoft account and your Movies Anywhere account.

*Appears on Windows 10 PCs, Xbox One consoles, and Microsoft.com.
Movie rentals and TV shows are currently not eligible for Movies Anywhere.
Purchased movies from an Xbox 360, Windows phone or Windows device running an older operating system than Windows 10, may experience a 24-hour delay to appear in your connected Movies Anywhere account.
Currently, only purchases from U.S. Microsoft accounts are eligible to transfer to Movies Anywhere.

Yes, as long as the movie is available on Microsoft Movies & TV and eligible for Movies Anywhere, and both your Microsoft account and other retailer accounts are connected to Movies Anywhere, you can watch the movie on Microsoft Movies & TV. The movie will be added to your Microsoft account.

Movies Anywhere movies may take up to 24 hours to appear on your Xbox 360, Windows phone or Windows device running an older operating system than Windows 10.

Movies Anywhere currently supports certain movies from Disney, Sony, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal, and Warner Bros. Check back with Movies Anywhere regularly as our movie catalog and list of Participating Studios changes!

To disconnect your Microsoft account from Movies Anywhere, sign into your Microsoft account and go to your settings in the Movies & TV App. Select “Disconnect from Movies Anywhere” under the "Account" section and follow the directions.

You can also visit the Movies Anywhere website or mobile app to disconnect your accounts. Simply log in to your Movies Anywhere account, select Manage Retailers under account settings, and click "DISCONNECT" Microsoft.

After disconnecting your Microsoft account from Movies Anywhere, all movies you previously purchased from Microsoft Movies & TV, and all movies that previously came into your Microsoft account from Movies Anywhere, will remain there subject to Microsoft’s policies and terms of use.

While your Microsoft account remains disconnected from Movies Anywhere, any Movies Anywhere eligible movies you purchase on any other Movies Anywhere participating retailer will no longer be added to your Microsoft account and any purchases on Microsoft Movies & TV will no longer be added to your Movies Anywhere account.

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