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Free technology grants and discounts available for nonprofits.

Free technology grants and discounts available for nonprofits. Get started

Power BI capabilities

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Power BI Desktop



Connect to hundreds of external data sources, build custom visualizations, publish to the Power BI service, and embed your dashboards in public websites.

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Power BI Pro

$3.00 user/month


All the features of Power BI Desktop plus 360-degree real-time views, auto updates, data collaboration, data access governance, and content distribution.

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Power BI Premium

Capacity pricing per node/month


All the features of Power BI Pro, plus the ability to publish reports, unlock more capacity as needed, and distribute and embed content without purchasing user licenses.

Prices are for information purposes only. In case of any discrepancy between prices stated and the pricing source defined by the Pricing and Payment Terms in the agreement governing your purchase of the product, the pricing source defined in the Microsoft Agreement will prevail. Volunteers, members and beneficiaries of the nonprofit are NOT eligible for nonprofit licenses and subscriptions.

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

WWF Italia uses Power BI to monitor projects in real time and share impact with donors, leaving more resources for conservation projects spread across the Mediterranean.
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