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Cloud Security Advice for Nonprofit Leaders

Microsoft 365 allows you to increase efficiency and productivity while staying secure. Learn how to further realize the possibilities of the cloud while achieving a strong foundation in security and compliance.

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Accelerate Your Compliance Journey with Microsoft 365

Simplify and improve your compliance processes with Microsoft 365. Use this e-book to increase your understanding of the implications of regulatory requirements and how Microsoft 365 can help you address them.

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Five Faces of Today’s Employees

Learn about the ways that technology is changing how employees work. This e-book describes five different employee’s needs and how Microsoft resources allow them to work productively.

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Microsoft Teams Adoption Guide

Learn how you can adopt Microsoft Teams in order to accelerate productivity using integrated communication and collaboration technologies.

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Art of Teamwork guide and toolkit

Teamwork is necessary for solving challenges, yet teamwork itself can be a challenge. The Art of Teamwork guide and toolkit details healthy dynamics for effective teams and shows how Microsoft Teams can facilitate your team’s processes.

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Crash Course in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams can help your team communicate the way they want, have more productive meetings, and collaborate with ease. Take the crash course to learn the specific ways that Microsoft Teams accomplishes this.

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10 Tips to Tackle Your Day: How Microsoft Teams can help you stay connected

Microsoft Teams brings you the apps and services that workers need to be an effective part of a team. This e-book lists ten specific ways that Microsoft Teams provides the communication and collaboration tools you need to be successful.

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Unblocking Teamwork: Four tools & strategies to improve collaboration

Learn how Microsoft 365 can assist companies that have too many disparate tools, inefficient virtual meetings, lack of version control, and a disorganized, inconsistent set of apps.

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Instructor-led training for Microsoft Teams

Sign up for a series of free, live, online training classes designed to get you up and running with Teams. Choose between ten different classes, from orientations to higher education and government use.

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Microsoft Teams tips & tricks

Microsoft Teams provides numerous features, all geared towards improving efficiency and teamwork. These tips & tricks can help you get the most out of your Microsoft Teams experience.

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WE.org transforming for the future: Our story

The We Schools program was looking for a partner that could help them leverage technology to become more efficient, unified, and scalable. Microsoft provided them with transformative technologies which allowed them to meet their goals.

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Four Stories of Nonprofit Transformation

More than 150,000 nonprofit organizations of all sizes have started using Microsoft solutions to accelerate their missions. Learn about four specific nonprofits’ stories.

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Microsoft Digital Skills Center for Nonprofits

The Microsoft Digital Skills Center for Nonprofits combines great skill-building content from subject matter experts at Microsoft with TechSoup's deep understanding of how nonprofits use technology.

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Crash Course in Office 365

Learn how to take full advantage of the benefits of Office 365 apps across six critical areas of your operations: mobility, teamwork, communication, security, productivity and insights.

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Building a holistic security strategy

Nonprofits are vulnerable to cyberattacks. In this e-book, learn 6 steps to building a holistic security strategy and how you can secure your nonprofit organization with Microsoft 365.

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Microsoft 365 security management

In this webcast, you'll learn about the different features and solutions that can help organizations get the visibility, control, and guidance they need to help them better manage their security.

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Protect your data—wherever it lives

Play this full webcast to learn how you can protect and manage your most important data with Microsoft 365.

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Webcast: Protecting the modern workplace

Play the full webcast to learn more about the many different ways Microsoft 365 secures your organization.

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Increasing productivity with Office 365

Looking for ways to increase productivity and remain connected? Our webcast Office 365—How Your Organization Can Be Productive from Field to Office—will show you how Office 365 can increase your impact.

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Microsoft 365 Apps for Business

Introducing Outlook Customer Manager + Bookings to cultivate and grow relationships with your volunteers and program recipients and to simplify scheduling and managing appointments online.

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Protecting your data

A webinar that will help guide those using iOS devices using Application Management and mobile devices.

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5 reasons to move to the cloud

Still wondering whether the cloud is right for your organization? Check out our e-book—5 Reasons Your Organization Should Move to the Cloud—an insightful look at how the cloud is improving nonprofit impact.

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Crash Course in Azure Active Directory

Learn how to protect your organization’s sensitive data and create a more collaborative environment with our Crash Course in Azure Active Directory for Nonprofits e-book.

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Bringing together Office 365 and EMS

Our free e-book shows you how Microsoft 365 provides the foundation to enable your staff and volunteers to collaborate more securely, while allowing your IT staff to control the integrity of your data.

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Unblock organizational collaboration

Drive greater impact through strong collaboration. The 5 Ways to Unblock Organizational Collaboration e-book helps nonprofits navigate digital collaboration tools to maximize their efforts.

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Work smarter, not harder

In this e-book, learn 7 ways to work smarter in the cloud and drive greater impact.

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