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Cloud Lessons Learned

The Cloud lessons learned e-book describes Allscript, GEA, Jellyfish, and Medpoint’s decisions to migrate to Microsoft Azure. Learn how and why each company made the change.

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Cloud Migration Essentials

A strong plan is necessary for successful cloud migration. The cloud migration essentials e-book details how to evaluate the end cloud environment, necessary training, and readiness of your workloads and applications.

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Ultimate guide to Windows Server on Azure

Learn how to leverage existing Windows Server knowledge and shift to Azure cloud to benefit your organization. The path from Windows Server to the cloud is made easy with Microsoft resources.

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Windows Server 2008 end of support

Evaluate and implement various Microsoft resources in order to respond to the end of support for the Windows Server 2008.

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See how four nonprofits are accelerating their mission through the cloud

Explore how moving to Microsoft Azure has benefitted nonprofits and allowed them to reduce costs, expand their reach, and increase productivity.

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Accelerate innovation with Azure

Learn how Azure can help your organization drive growth and impact by accelerating innovation with our free webcast series.

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Azure strategy and implementation guide

Download the “Azure strategy and implementation guide for nonprofits” e-book to help your IT team more effectively implement and integrate cloud technologies.

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Azure for cloud

The Microsoft Azure for Your Cloud Platform – What It Is and How It Works webcast is an insightful look at how Azure can work with your cloud platform.

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Azure Migration Center

You don’t have to move everything to the cloud at once. Move a system at a time or maintain a hybrid cloud environment indefinitely. Our free assessment, migration, and cost management tools make the transition as easy as possible.

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Stayin’ Alive

Be prepared with the Stayin’ Alive – Keeping Your Data Safe During Disaster with Azure webcast.

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Enterprise Cloud Strategy for Nonprofits

Learn how using Azure Cloud services can help make your organization more productive, innovative, and flexible, and help you drive greater societal impact.

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