Discover deeper value in your data

Digital transformation is how you compete and win today. It’s the path to better serve customers, build better products, and empower employees. And data is the foundational resource in this process, allowing you to transform and uncover the insights you need to drive your business forward.

The Open Data Initiative provides a platform for a single, comprehensive view of your data, bringing together and enriching data from all your lines of business, across all your systems to deliver real-time intelligence back into your applications and services.

A new class of insight and action

Unify your business data

A common data model, and a common data lake help you say goodbye to costly, complex disconnected data silos—and realize your data’s full potential.

Enable AI-driven insight

Use AI to gain a deeper understanding of your business. Drive real-time insights and actions at scale—your data becomes a renewable resource that is continuously enriched.

Enhance your applications and services

Take advantage of a new class of services that consume enriched data to deliver real-time personalized experiences to your customers.


Unilever to explore the benefits of the Open Data Initiative

Unilever is exploring the Open Data Initiative to bring together disparate customer, product and resource data and use AI driven insights to help them understand how they can transition some types of plastic packaging to reusable, eco-friendly packaging and more successfully market the changes to an increasingly eco-conscious customer base.

Watch the Unilever demo at Adobe Summit

Meet the Open Data Initiative founding partners

Our journey is just beginning. We invite you to work with us to help change the way organizations get more from their data.

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