A groundbreaking partnership with a new vision for renewable data and intelligent applications

Digital transformation is how you compete and win today. It’s the path to better serve customers, build better products, and empower employees. And it's data that is the foundational resource that allows you to transform and uncover the insights you need to drive business forward.

Adobe, Microsoft, and SAP are partnering on the Open Data Initiative to enable data to be exchanged—and enriched—across systems, making it a renewable resource that flows into intelligent applications.

With a single, comprehensive view of data, you’ll discover in real-time more about your customers, identify ways to maximize operations, and find new ways to provide the amazing experiences that your customers deserve.

Enable a new level of business insight

Remove silos and reclaim your data

Say goodbye to complex, costly disconnected data silos and the need to depend on intermediaries to extract value from your data—and realize your data’s full potential.

Unlock business insights

Use AI to gain a deeper understanding of your business. Drive real-time insights and actions at scale—your data becomes a renewable resource that is continuously enriched.

Rely on our promise of trust and openness

We are delivering on our collective promise of trust. You own your data—build unique solutions with it or build applications with a trusted partner.

Meet the Open Data Initiative founding partners

Our journey is just beginning. We invite you to work with us to help change the way organizations get more from their data.

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