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What's new in this version

More updates! Music volume was lowered a bit. This was a huge complaint. Added back some missing sounds. The audio manager is a bit beastly and I do break things a bit. Major optimization pass was pushed through. Frame rates have been greatly increased and less stuttering. Especially World 2-1 and the Desert levels. Better memory utilization fixed many crashes. Visuals and lighting are better thanks to restructuring the level assets. Techy stuff: static meshes were merged into single large objects. This dramatically cut down the number of draw calls and objects to track in the world. This fixed visuals, memory use and many other things. Lots of bug fixes in the scripts. Not in the game but honorable mention. Working out the story a bit more. Most of it is outside of the game and will start to work it's way in.


  • Kid and Family Friendly
  • Lovable Cartoonish Characters
  • Short, Casual play levels
  • Unique Playstyles
  • Melee and ranged combat with unique weapons
  • Adorable pets
  • Trophy Hunter
  • Beautiful Environments
  • physics puzzles
  • Replay value
  • Variety of Playable Characters