3 Musketeers
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When a passenger airplane gets shot down over North Korea, legendary black ops unit THE 3 MUSKETEERS (master strategist OLIVER ATHOS, enigmatic martial arts expert RENEE ARAMIS and wisecracking hacker ISAAC PORTHOS) are unable to stop it. They barely escape with their lives… Secret Service rookie ALEXANDRA D’ARTAGNAN is sent to investigate PLANCHET, who she thinks is “just another crackpot with ‘proof’ of a plot to kill the president.” Planchet tells her about an elaborate government conspiracy that includes the takedown of the airplane and will culminate in another, bigger attack inside the U.S. Alex is dismissive until rogue agent MILA WINTER storms into the hotel, guns blazing. Planchet is mortally wounded, but with his last breath he tells Alex to find Athos. Alex tracks down Athos at his cabin, but after a hit squad’s bullets tear up the house, Alex and Athos fight back using improvised weapons, ultimately blowing the place up to kill the thugs.

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Cole McKay


The Asylum


English (CC)

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1 h 27 min




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