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Aftercharge is an asymmetrical 3 vs 3 first-person online game that pits invisible robots against invincible security guards in quick-paced skirmishes. The robots must sabotage the generators dispersed all over the map while the guards are tasked to spot them and stop them. The game is asymmetrical in design as the two teams not only have different objectives and different abilities but also offer wildly different play styles. Playing robots is all about sneaking around, creating distractions and coordinating attacks. Playing guards require careful positioning, good communication and quick reactions. Aftercharge borrows elements from other competitive shooters but plays around with rules of the genre like ammo management, health, respawn, etc. to create a competitive experience that’s fresh, centered on teamplay, and very approachable.


What's new in this version

-Boosting your Shutdown Jam will temporarily disable the radars of the nearby enforcers -After 2 rounds played, all players will be asked if they want to rematch -AI Matches in the play section now replace training grounds. They can be played with your current party of up to 3 players -Reticle color can now be changed in the options menu -Losing a round as the workonics now grants XP based on the number of extractors destroyed -The matchmaker will now look for a replacement to fill an empty spot faster -Liquidator's tracker shot is now a bit more permissive on hit detection -Moved character details tooltip in the middle of the screen so it's more visible for new players -Builder's walls can't be placed too close to a workonic to avoid issues where dead workonics would clip under the map -Enforcers are a bit more aggressive in the AI matches -The Enforcer tutorial is more progressive and explains more of the enforcers' gameplay -Fix where someone refilling at the end of a match would break the game -The glowing issue on character parts in the character selection menu should now be fixed -Shouldn't get the empty platform in the Main Menu that was causing other issues -Animations and sounds shouldn't loop in the Victory and Result screens anymore -Multiple minor fixes on the AI pathfinding -Fixed the collider bug that prevented disabled workonics from being saved by a teammate -Minor bug fixing in general

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Chainsawesome Games


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Chainsawesome Games

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For ages 10 and up




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