Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel + Bonus
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Alvin, Simon and Theodore return for another hilarious musical adventure, but this time they may just meet their match - a singing trio of female chipmunks called "The Chipettes." Bonus features: 'Munk Music Machine - Jump straight to the rockin’ tunes featured throughout the film; they can be viewed non-stop in this music mode that delivers full-on munk-n’roll! Munking History: 50 Years of Chipmunk Mischief, Mayhem and Music - Amazingly the Chipmunks have been singing - and getting in trouble - for 50 years. Get the downlow in the chip - um, clip-filled featurette! Meet the Chipettes - They’re stellar performers with a style all their own. Now, meet the team and learn the secrets behind the Chipettes’ red-hot success! Rockin' Rising Stars - Go on set for a visit with the human bands and singers sharing the stage with the Chipmunks, and get their take on their furry co-stars. Music Mania - Watch The Squeakquel’s finale being filmed, and see how the Chipmunks and Chipettes made the fur fly with a team of amazing human talents. The Chipmunks: Behind the Squeaking - Munk News reporter Natalie Sarraf shares the scoop on what life is like for the Chipmunks off-squeak (warning: it can get pretty hairy!). A-NUT-omy of a Scene - Ever acted with an invisible co-star? The cast explains how scenes are shot before Alvin, Simon and Theodore are added using computers. Meet the Stuffies! - They’re the unsung heroes of filming: now meet the stuffed critters that stand in for Alvin, Simon and Theodore during live-action shooting. Shake Your Groove Thing! with Rosero - Learn how to shake your groove thing, as choreographer Rosero McCoy goes nuts teaching viewers every move to this Chipmunk dance routine.

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Betty Thomas


20th Century Studios


English (CC)

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Jon Vitti
Jonathan Aibel
Glenn Berger


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