Avocado Toast
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Adam is in his mid-30’s and he has led a cautious life. He spends time with his wife and children, is always there for his friends, goes to church, and works a job he doesn’t love. Adam has always identified as a member of Generation X and he has always relied on his hard work ethic to propel him in life. Adam is venting to his friends about a millennial co-worker, only to discover that his age actually falls within the millennial range. Adam has spent his adult life hating millennials and now he is one! Adam, feeling trapped with his safe and boring life, finally decides to cut loose and “become a millennial”. He goes on a journey to start doing whatever he wants and connecting with the millennial mentality. Adam’s selfish behavior begins to take a toll on his family and his irresponsibility starts putting a strain on his finances. As the new, enticing life he builds starts to take over his old safe life, he will have to decide if the grass is in fact greener on the other side.

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Tyler Farr


1091 Pictures


English (CC)

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1 h 40 min




Tyler Farr


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