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AWS Cloud Certification: Certified Developer Associate exam DVA-C01: 2 Mock Exams, 100+ total Questions and Answers Dumps, score tracker, timer, pass/fail after mock exam This AWS Cloud Training App provides tools and features essentials to prepare and succeed in the AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam: - Mock Exam, - Quiz, - Score Tracker, - Countdown timer, - Questions and Answers dumps for each of the following categories: Development With AWS, Deployment, Monitoring and Troubleshooting, Refactoring. The app also includes a resource page on topics to learn and prepare for the exam: LAMBDA: Invocation types, Using notifications and event source mappings, Concurrency and throttling, X-Ray and Amazon SQS DLQs, Versions and aliases, Blue/green deployment, Packaging and deployment, VPC connections (with Internet/NAT GW), Lambda as ELB target, Dependencies, Environment variables (inc. encrypting them) DYNAMODB: Scans vs queries , Local and Global Secondary indexes, Calculating Read Capacity Units (RCUs) and Write, Capacity Units (WCUs), Performance / optimization best practices, Use cases (e.g. session state, key/value data store, scalability), Streams, Usage with Lambda and API Gateway, DAX use cases API GATEWAY: Lambda / IAM / Cognito authorizers, Invalidation of cache, Integration types, Caching, Import / export OpenAPI Swagger specifications, Stage variables, Performance metrics COGNITO: User pools vs Identity pools, Unauthenticated identities, Using MFA with Cognito, Web identity federation S3: Encryption – make sure you understand S3 encryption very well for the exam, S3 Transfer Acceleration, Versioning, Copying data,Lifecycle rules IAM: IAM policies and roles, Cross account access, Multi-factor authentication (MFA), API calls, IAM Roles with EC2 (instance profiles), Access keys vs roles, IAM best practices, Federation ECS: Shared storage between containers, Single vs multi-docker environments, Uploading / downloading images with ECR, Placement strategies, Port mappings, Defining task definitions, IAM Roles for Tasks ELASTIC BEANSTALK: Deployment policies and blue/green, .ebextensions and config file usage, Updating deployments, Worker vs web tier, Deployment, packaging and files, code, commands used, Use cases CLOUDFORMATION: CloudFormation template anatomy (e.g. mappings, outputs, parameters, etc.), Packaging and deployment, AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM), CLOUDWATCH: Monitoring application logs, Trigger scheduled Lambda invocation, Custom metrics, Metric resolution, DEVELOPER TOOLS – CODECOMMIT, CODEBUILD, CODEDEPLOY, CODEPIPELINE, CODESTAR, Know how each tool fits into the CI/CD pipeline, Various files used such as appspec.yml, buildspec.yml etc., Process for packaging and deployment, Deployment types with CodeDeploy CLOUDFRONT: Viewer vs origin protocol policies, Lambda@Edge use cases, Invalidate cache, Signed URLs / cookies AWS X-RAY: X-Ray daemon, installing and configuring, Lambda with X-Ray, Use cases / benefits Annotations vs segments vs subsegments vs metadata, API calls, Port used (UDP 2000) SQS Standard queues, FIFO, DLQ, delay queue, Decoupling applications use cases, Event source mapping to Lambda, Visibility timeout, Short polling vs long polling ELASTICACHE Use cases (caching and session state), In-memory data store, Services it sits in front of (e.g. Amazon RDS), Lazy loading vs Write Through Caching, Memcached vs Redis STEP FUNCTIONS: Step Functions state machines, Using to coordinate multiple Lambda function invocations SSM PARAMETER STORE: Storing credentials, Rotation Note and disclaimer: We are not affiliated with AWS or Amazon or Microsoft or Google. The questions are put together based on the certification study guide and materials available online. The questions in this app should help you pass the exam but it is not guaranteed. We are not responsible for any exam you did not pass. Important: To succeed with the real exam, do not memorize the answers in this app. It is very important that you understand why a question is right or wrong and the concepts behind it by carefully reading the reference documents in the answers.


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