Being Dead
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Joseph and Celice were once in love. They were two young scientists researching their doctoral thesis who found passion when they discover a magical and undiscovered species of insect on the isolated shores of Baritone Bay. But 25-years later, much has changed. Respected university professors, they live lives devoid of intimacy as Celice grows more distant from her husband and estranged from Syl, their only child. When Joseph learns of plans to develop Baritone Bay into vacation homes, he knows their still undocumented species will be destroyed. Desperate to rekindle long-lost passion and to see their “sprayhoppers” one last time, Joseph convinces a reluctant Celice to return to Baritone despite knowing the pain this journey will ignite. Shifting back and forth in time with their first meeting to their final day alive, we come to understand the courage required of them to return to Baritone Bay. Simultaneously, daughter Syl is one step from destitution in a distant city. When a birthday present arrives in the mail from her father it pulls her back home where the fate of her parents forever changes her life.

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John Meyers


The Orchard


English (CC)

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1 h 34 min




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