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The head of a gang is conditioned to become physically ill at sex and violence. A corrupt governor grants a reprieve to a convict if he agrees to serve as sheriff of a small Western town. A small-time convict fakes being crazy so he can get transferred to a comfortable mental hospital. A little girl, possessed by the devil, is given an exorcism. Four city men pit their nerve and muscle against the churning waters of a wild Georgia river. Reporters uncover the details of the Watergate scandal that leads to President Nixon's resignation. A eccentric man promises a lifetime supply of sweets and a tour of his chocolate factory to five lucky kids. Action-filled and tongue-in-cheek tale of GIs who decide to get something extra out of the war. A man falls in love with a flighty singer who leads him on a chase across the Southwest. Gifted with unbelievable powers, Superman uses his abilities to protect his new home.