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What's new in this version

Changelog Version 2016.212 - Fixed text scaling - Fixed multiple bugs Changelog Version 2015.1010 - Added Zoom buttons to Game screen (Windows) - Added Share button to Game screen (Windows) - New design for game page (Windows) - New: Now when you make a mistake, it will show you with a color palette what rule was broken - Fixed multiple small bugs - Multiple design improvements Changelog Version 2015.819.0 - New: When you solve something incorrectly, Binary Enigma will highlight the rows and columns containing errors - New: Try again button added for challenges - New: Faster startup (Next game is cached and will be loaded first without having to wait for everything else to load) - New: Version numbering system (Now: year.monthday.time.releasebuild) - Bug: Fixed progress not showing corretly in level select view - Bug: Fixed problem causing the settings button not to continue game when pressed while settings opened - Bug: Fixed challenge result screen to tall on some devices and cut off - Multiple small UI improvements and fixes Changelog Version 1.2 - Bug: Buy button opens music app - Bug: Selecting a different Level still shows the old levels till data has loaded (WP) - Bug: "Restart" button does not close menu - Bug: Stuck popup not full width (WP) - Bug: Stuck popup some text needs to wrap (WP)


  • Over a 1000 enigmas
  • Unique Daily Challenge
  • Challenge your Friends
  • Beautiful relaxing background music