Blood Demon Rising
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Halloween night. The opening of a local Haunted house amusement attraction. Three young women, two young men and one Jesuit priest enter. The question is, who will be coming out? “I love haunted houses, they’re so fake but they're so much fun” Vicky said just before entering. She was never seen or heard from again after that night! The owner of this sick and twisted amusement's name was James, a very successful and rich real estate investor, who also happened to be the leader of a local satanic cult. James and his fellow group of rich satanic cult followers believe that raising their beloved lord, “Lord Grimises of the Damned,” up to the living will give them the power and mortality they had always dreamed of. What they really get is just the opposite. Their torn apart carcasses become nothing more than decoration for this feeding house of the Dark Lord from Hell. “The creation of this haunted house amusement attraction was a brilliant maneuver on your part” the Dark Lord said, after feeding on another poor unsuspecting victim. James stood tall, proud of his creation and the Dark Lord’s praise. Deep below in the bowels of the old castle, James kept his two prize possessions. Two young females caged away in an old barred up cell. They would soon become the Dark Lord's lustful need in creating a child. So he could walk among the human race unnoticed by anyone or anything - the plan was perfect except for one thing, the young Jesuit Priest armed with the power of God.

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Harry Tchinski


Indie Rights


English (CC)

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1 h 31 min




Harry Tchinski


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