What's new in this version

[Additions] 1. New Castle Crisis gameplay: Immortal Ghoul 1. New Heroes: Fire Dancer, Hellbrute 3. New Hero Skins: Fire Dancer - Mechanical Dancer, Hellbrute - Shark Thug 4. New Hero Portraits: Fire Dancer, Hellbrute 5. New Epic Battle boss: Tempestia 6. New Destiny Areas: Foggy City, Realm of Doom 7. New Lost Realm style battle added to practice with friends. [Adjustments] 1. Multiple optimizations personal information interface display 1) Optimized the display rules and related information for Portraits and Portrait Frames 2) Moved Territory Layout button to Personal Center 3) Optimized information presentation in the Title system and added its own entry on the main page 2. Optimized private chat feature 3. Increased the Hero slot limit for the Heroes Altar by 2 (max 194) 4. Increased the item storage limit for the Warehouse by 10 (max 805) [Bug Fixes] 1. Fixed the sorting issue in the kill ranking for Archdemon. 2. Fixed issue where the attack button can't be used when tapping on Portraits in the Blitz Gauntlet ranking.


  • Bring Pets to fight by your Heroes’ side!
  • Beat back hordes of vicious foes in Here Be Monsters!
  • Battle the dangers of the Lost Realm and uncover its riches!
  • Build and fortify your impenetrable fortress!
  • Pit your Heroes against other players in the Arena!
  • Create your very own Guild and lead it to victory in Torch Battles!
  • Join other players and conquer Team Dungeons!
  • Create the ultimate army from a dozen different troops!