Chronicle of a Serial Killer
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What goes through the mind of a serial killer as he meticulously plots his crimes, researching his victims and entrapping them while they are none the wiser? For Henry Brolin, a childhood spent with an abusive mother motivates him to seek out others like her, slaughtering his victims in a vicious spree that soon causes an uproar throughout the city. Under pressure to find the killer, detectives Jon Bosley and Kelly Smith are assigned to the case. In an attempt to outfox the cunning killer, the detectives set a sting at Brolin’s cabin hideaway outside the city limits. But Brolin is one step ahead in this psychological game and engages one of the detectives in his horrifying plan. Will Brolin receive the punishment he so richly deserves? Or will he leisurely spend his days in a psych ward? And, most importantly, what will determine Brolin’s fate?

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Steve Stanulis


Stonecutter Media


English (CC)

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1 h 39 min




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