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Cool File Viewer allows you to view any file on your PC. Simply select any file via the program window without first having to decide which application should be used to open a file. Cool File Viewer supports many common audio and video formats and can display many image, web, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Pages layout file types. - View any file on your PC. - Watch movies and listen to music including file formats like MKV, MP4, etc. - Open PPTX, Word, PDF, PNG, JPEG and many more. Over 450+ Supported File Types: ************************************ Text Documents - Microsoft Word Document (.doc, .docx) - OpenDocument formats (.odt, .ott, .oth and .odm ) - Open Office formats (.sxw, .stw and .sxg) - Microsoft Word 6.0/95/97/2000/XP/Mac) (.doc and .dot) - Microsoft Word 2003 XML (.xml) - Microsoft Word 2007/2010 XML (.docx, .docm, .dotx, .dotm) - Microsoft WinWord 5 (.doc) - WordPerfect Document (.wpd) - Microsoft Works (.wps) - Lotus WordPro (.lwp) - Abiword Document (.abw, .zabw) - ClarisWorks/Appleworks Document (.cwk) - MacWrite Document (.mw, .mcw) - StarWriter/ Star Writer formats (.sdw, .sgl, .vor) - Unified Office Format text (.uot, .uof) - Ichitaro 8/9/10/11 (.jtd and .jtt) - Hangul WP 97 (.hwp) - eBook (.pdb) - Apple Pages 4 (.pages) - HTML Document (.htm, .html) - Rich Text Format File (.rtf) - Plain Text File (.txt) - XML File (.xml) - Text CSV (.csv) - Json File (.json) PDFs - Portable Document Format File (.pdf) Spreadsheets - OpenDocument formats (.ods, .ots, .fods, .sxc and .stc) - Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP (.xls, .xlw, and .xlt) - Microsoft Excel 4.x - 5.0/95 (.xls, .xlw, and .xlt) - Microsoft Excel 2003 XML (.xml) - Microsoft Excel 2007/2013 XML (.xlsx, .xlsm, .xlts, .xltm) - Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 binary (.xlsb) - Lotus 1-2-3 (.wk1, .wks, and .123) - Data Interchange Format (.dif) - Rich Text Format (.rtf) - Text CSV (.csv and .txt) - StarCalc formats (.sdc and .vor) - dBASE (.dbf) - SYLK (.slk) - Unified Office Format spreadsheet (.uos, .uof) - HTML Document (.htm and .html files, including Web page queries) - Quattro Pro 6.0 (.wb2) - Apple Numbers 2 (.numbers) Presentations - OpenDocument formats (.odp, .odg, .otp, .fopd, .sxi and .sti) - Microsoft PowerPoint 97/2000/XP (.ppt and .pot) - Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 (.pptx, .pptm, .potx, .potm) - StarDraw and StarImpress (.sda, .sdd, .sdp, and .vor) - Unified Office Format presentation (.uop, .uof) - CGM - Computer Graphics Metafile (.cgm) - Portable Document Format (.pdf) - Apple Keynote 5 (.key) Web Files - HTML File (.htm, .html, .xhtml) - MHTML Web Archive (.mht, .mhtml) Image Files - Bitmap Image (.bmp) - BW Image (.bw) - Graphical Interchange Format File (.gif) - Icon File (.ico) - JPEG Image (.jpg, .jpeg) - Portable Network Graphic (.png) - Tagged Image File (.tif, .tiff) - Others (.PCX, .SGV, .WMF, .MET, .PGM, .RAS , .SVM, .XBM, .EMF, .PBM, .PLT, .SDA, .TGA, .XPM, .EPS, .PCD, .SDD, .GIF, .PCT, .PPM, .SGF, .VOR) - Adobe Photoshop (*.psd) - AutoCAD Interchange Format (*.dxf) - Corel Draw (*.cdr) - Corel Presentation Exchange (*.cmx) - Microsoft Publisher 98-2010 (*.pub) - Microsoft Visio 2000-2013 (*.vdx; *.vsd; *.vsdm; *.vsdx) - WordPerfect Graphics (*.wpg) Formula files - OpenDocument Formula (.odf and .sxm) - StarMath (.smf) - MathML (.mml) Audio Files - Advanced Audio Coding File (.aac) - Free Lossless Audio Codec File (.flac) - MPEG-4 Audio File (.m4a) - MPEG-2 Audio File (.mp2) - MP3 Audio File (.mp3) - Ogg Vorbis Audio File (.ogg, .oga) - Real Audio File (.ra) - WAVE Audio File (.wav) - Windows Media Audio File (.wma) - PlayStation Audio File (.xa) - 3GP Audio (.3ga, .3gpa) - Audio Codec 3 (.ac3) - Audio Interchange File Format (.aif, .aiff) - Compressed Audio Interchange (.aifc) - Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec (.amr ) - Monkey's Audio Lossless Audio (.ape) - Audio File (.au) - Core Audio.caf( .caff) - DTS Encoded Audio (.dts) - Global System for Mobile Audio (.gsm) - MPEG-4 Audio Book (.m4b) - iPhone Ringtone (.m4r) - Matroska Audio (.mka) - Meridian Lossless Packing Audio (.mlp) - Musepack Compressed Audio (.mpc) - Sony OpenMG Music (.oma) - Opus Audio (.opus) - PureVoice Audio (.qcp) - Sound File (.snd) - Ogg Vorbis Speex (.spx) - True Audio (.tta) - Creative Labs Audio (.voc) - TwinVQ Audio (.vqf) Video Files - 3GPP2 Multimedia (.3g2) - 3GPP Multimedia (.3gp) - Anime Music Video (.amv) - Advanced Systems Format (.asf) - Audio Video Interleave (.avi) - Bink Video (.bik) - VCD Video (.dat) - DivX Video (.divx) - Digital Video (.dv) - Flash MP4 Video (.f4v) - Flash Video_.flv_ - General Exchange Format Video_.gxf_ - High Efficiency Video Coding_.hevc_ - Blu-ray BDAV Video(.m2t, .m2ts) - MPEG-2 Video (.m2v) - iTunes Video (.m4v) - Matroska Video (.mkv) - JVC Everio Video Recording (.mod) - Apple QuickTime Movie_.mov_ - MPEG-4 Video(.mp4) - MPEG Movie (.mpg, .mpeg) - AVCHD Video (.mts) - Material Exchange Format (.mxf) - Nullsoft Streaming Video (.nsv) - NuppelVideo (.nuv) - Ogg Media (.ogm) - Ogg Video (.ogv) - Real Media (.rm) - RealMedia Variable Bit Rate (.rmvb) - Wii/GameCube Video (.thp) - Beyond TV Transport Stream (.tp) - Video Transport Stream (.ts) - DVD Video Object (.vob) - WebM Video (.webm) - Windows Media Video (.wmv) - Windows Recorded TV Show (.wtv) - Microsoft Expression Screen Capture Video (.xesc) Archives - 7-Zip Compressed File (.7z) - Android Package (.apk) - ARJ Compressed Archive (.arj) - Bzip2 Compressed Archive (.bz2, .bzip2) - Windows Cabinet File (.cab) - Comic Book RAR Archive (.cbr) - Comic Book Zip Archive (.cbz) - Compiled HTML Help File (.chm) - Unix CPIO Archive (.cpio) - Disk Doubler Archive (.dd) - Debian Software Package (.deb) - Windows Desktop Theme Pack (.deskthemepack) - Mac OS X Disk Image (.dmg) - Gzip Archive (.gz, .gzip) - HFS Disk Image (.hfs) - ISO Disc Image (.iso) - Java Archive (.jar) - LHARC Compressed File (.lha) - LZH Compressed File (.lzh) - LZMA Compressed File .lzma - RAR Compressed Archive (including RAR5) (.rar) - Red Hat Package Manager File (.rpm) - TAR Archive (.tar) - Bzip2 Compressed Tar Archive (.tar, .bz2, .tbz, .tbz2) - Gzipped Tar File (.tar, .gz, .tgz) - LZMA Compressed Tar Archive (.tar, .lzma) - XZ Compressed Tar File (.tar, .xz, .txz) - Z Compressed Tar File (.tar, .z, .taz) - Virtual Hard Disk File (.vhd) - Java Web Archive (.war) - Windows Imaging Format File (.wim) - Extensible Archive Format File (.xar) - XZ Compressed Archive (.xz) - Unix Compressed File (.z) - Zipped File (.zip) - Extended Zip File (.zipx) Source Code Files - ".a2l",".adb",".ads",".ahk",".apache",".apacheconf",".as",".asm",".asp",".aspx",".atom",".au3",".bas",".bash",".bpk",".bpr",".c",".c++",".cbl",".cc",".cfg",".cfm",".cgi",".clp",".cmake",".cmd",".coffee",".coffeescript",".conf",".config",".console",".cpp",".cs",".csh",".csharp",".cson",".css",".cxx",".dfm",".diff",".dpk",".dpr",".eba",".erl",".ex",".exw",".f",".f2k",".f90",".f95",".for",".gemspec",".gyp",".h",".h++",".haml",".hpp",".hs",".http",".https",".iced",".inc",".inf",".ini",".irb",".iss",".iwb",".j",".jav",".java",".javascript",".js",".json",".jsp",".jsx",".kix",".kx",".lhs",".log",".lua",".mak",".makefile",".markdown",".md",".mk",".mkd",".mkdown",".ml",".mm",".nginx",".nginxconf",".nsh",".nsi",".nsl",".ob2",".objc",".obj-c",".objectivec",".pas",".patch",".perl",".php",".php2",".php3",".php4",".php5",".php6",".pl",".plist",".pm",".pod",".podspec",".prg",".ps1",".py",".python",".r",".rb",".rbw",".rc",".rss",".ruby",".sas",".scm",".sh",".shell",".sql",".ss",".st",".sty",".tcl",".tex",".thor",".v",".vb",".vhd",".vhdl",".xhtml",".xjb",".xml",".xsd",".xsl",".xslt",".yaml",".yml",".zsh" What features are available in the FREE version? - View over 130 file formats for free forever. - View over 300 file formats for free once. What features are available in the in-app purchase? Office Plan $7.99 - View and edit Word, Excel & PowerPoint, the suppoted file types include: ".123", ".602", ".abw", ".agd", ".ase", ".cdr", ".cgm", ".cmx", ".csv", ".cwk", ".dbf", ".dif", ".doc", ".docx", ".dot", ".dps", ".emf", ".et", ".fhd", ".fodg", ".fodp", ".fods", ".fodt", ".gnm", ".gnumeric", ".gpl", ".hwp", ".iqy", ".jtd", ".jtt", ".key", ".kth", ".met", ".mml", ".numbers", ".odb", ".odf", ".odg", ".odp", ".ods", ".odt", ".ott", ".p65", ".pages", ".pbm", ".pcd", ".pct", ".pcx", ".pdb", ".pgm", ".plt", ".pm3", ".pm4", ".pm5", ".pm6", ".pmd", ".pot", ".ppm", ".pps", ".ppt", ".pptx", ".psw", ".pub", ".pxl", ".qxp", ".ras", ".rlf", ".rtf", ".sda", ".sdc", ".sdd", ".sdp", ".sdw", ".sgf", ".sgl", ".sgv", ".show", ".slk", ".stc", ".std", ".sti", ".stw", ".svg", ".svm", ".sxc", ".sxd", ".sxi", ".sxm", ".sxw", ".tga", ".txt", ".uof", ".uop", ".uos", ".uot", ".vor", ".vsd", ".wb2", ".wdb", ".wk1", ".wk3", ".wk4", ".wks", ".wmf", ".wpd", ".wps", ".wq1", ".wq2", ".wri", ".xbm", ".xls", ".xlsx", ".xlt", ".xlw", ".xml", ".xpm", ".zabw", ".zmf". Media Plan $4.99 - Play video & audio, the suppoted file types include: ".bup", ".ifo", ".iso", ".3ga", ".amr", ".f4v", ".sdp", ".spx", ".tp", ".vob", ".vro", ".zmf". Archives Plan $2.99 - Decompress files, the suppoted file types include: ".001", ".002", ".003", ".7z", ".accdt", ".air", ".cab", ".dl", ".hfs", ".ipa", ".ipsw", ".lzh", ".msi", ".pmd", ".rar", ".tar", ".xpi", ".zmf". Image Plan $2.99 - View any kind of image, the suppoted file types include: ".aae", ".heic", ".data", ".dcm", ".fpx", ".fts", ".pes", ".psd". Ebook Plan $4.99 - View some kinds of ebook, the supported file types include: ".pdf", ".chm", ".mobi", ".fb2", ".fb2z", ".zfb2", ".pdb", ".tcr", ".djv", ".djvu", ".cb7", ".cb7z", ".cbr", ".cbt", ".cbz", ".xps", ".tga", ".webp", ".epub" Golden Plan $19.99 - Support all of 300+ file types


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Cool File Viewer

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For all ages



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Access all your files, peripheral devices, apps, programs and registry
Access your Internet connection


Get this app while signed in to your Microsoft account and install on up to ten Windows 10 devices.

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