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Cryogear is an passionately hand crafted Metroidvania inspired Pixel Art platformer with souls-like mechanics set in an open sci-fi world. Gameplay is driven by exploration and rewards curious, creative players with new items, abilities, and ever increasing possibilities. You take control of the newly repurposed clone G.3.4.R and explore your new surroundings, uncover its many secrets, and strive to unveil the mysteries of the ever present Emperor AI. Will you survive and thrive in this strange new world, or will falter and fail as the clones before? Only your skill and determination can decide G34R's fate! Cryogear combines a versatile platformer core with exploration, shoot 'em up and RPG elements to an entertaining new game experience. Explore a dangerous open world with over 50+ different regions to discover. The changing world is filled with obstacles, boss fights, different enemy types, riddles, hidden areas, minigames and loot for a unique rewarding exploration experience. Cryogear features a full-scale RPG inventory, combined with equipment, skill and crafting systems. Switch freely between active abilities and weapons during the action, which allows dynamic, skill-based strategies for every situation. While progressing through the game, you get introduced to different new abilities, weapons, and equipment to customize your clone to match your playstyle. Your clone G.3.4.R. is ready to boot up! A unique journey into the World of CRYOGEAR awaits you..



  • Run, jump, dive, fly, hack, freeze and slide your way through over 50 Sci-Fi themed areas with varying environments in your quest to uncover the mysteries of the Emperor AI
  • Uncover the truths and history of the world around you as you venture through destroyed cities, abandoned wastes and factories in a post-apocalyptic dystopian future
  • Lava, Floods, Fire, Ice, Pitfalls, Epic Boss fights, a plethora of evolving enemy types stand between you and your goals.
  • Use Psi powers to shield yourself from dangers and manipulate your surroundings or even your perception of time!
  • Learn to master 4 vastly different weapons with their own unique strengths and weaknesses to overcome the various obstacles.
  • Spend energy harvested from your fallen foes to gain new or improved abilities from 4 different upgrade trees.
  • Search for hidden items, upgrades, and areas just waiting for those clever, lucky, or determined enough to locate them.
  • Discover new armor, items, upgrades, and crafting materials as you explore.
  • Use these items to craft a pair of helper drones, more powerful weapons, and spent consumables; or recycle them into energy to fuel faster development.
  • - Multiple endings, branching level layouts, customizable character development, and the freedom to explore at your own pace and in your own way helps ensure that no two playthroughs are alike.
  • - Speedrun and NewGame+/++ await to challenge even veteran players and extend replayability even further. A Casual mode is available to those who struggle or prefer a casual metroidvania experience.

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PolarityFlow, Adrian Zingg


(c) 2019 PolarityFlow, Adrian Zingg. All Rights reserved.

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PolarityFlow, Adrian Zingg

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For ages 10 and up


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