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Administrator approval required for installation. Minimum OS required: Windows 10 May 2019 Update.See System Requirements



What's new in this version

A patch has been released to resolve an issue with the Windows 10 version where the map would not load properly upon launch and the game would be unplayable. This issue occurred due to Microsoft.GamingServices and can be resolved by updating Microsoft.GamingServices to version 2.53.17003.0, but we are providing this update to the game to prevent reoccurrences of this issue in future.


  • - ENJOY THE MASSIVE CONTENT of the base game plus new character-specific scenarios, which offer the possibility to learn more about some of your favourite companions.
  • - PLAY AS YOU WANT, switch between 3D HD or 2D 16-bit modes, original soundtrack or orchestral version of the music, and English or Japanese audio.
  • - DIVE INTO THE 16-BIT WORLD OF TICKINGTON - an additional side-quests area that see you journeying to past DRAGON QUEST worlds reimagined in retro style.
  • - SPEED UP BATTLE BY X2 AND X4, ride new mountable monsters and attack with them on the field to earn experience points.
  • - SPICE UP THE ADVENTURE with new three Draconian Quest settings such as 'Super Shypox', 'Townsfolk Talk Tripe', or 'Party Wiped Out if Protagonist Perishes'.
  • - IMMORTALISE YOUR ADVENTURE WITH THE PHOTO MODE, pose each of the characters and snap some pictures with the beautifully designed world of Erdrea in the background.
  • To those playing on Windows 10:
  • This game is compatible with XINPUT gamepads.
  • You can close the game by pressing the Alt + F4 keys simultaneously.