Eddie Pepitone: For the Masses
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Brooklyn-Born, but a father-figure to the LA alt-comedy scene, Eddie Pepitone is a ranting absurdist and self-deprecating rage machine. Eddie delivers equal rancor to global threats and the tiniest of inconveniences, as exemplified by his bit wherein he satirically berates his on-screen wife for keeping his shirts smelling fresh while the world is crumbling around us. His random non-sequiturs are a refreshing antidote to stand-up’s standard observations, and his vocal volume goes from a low growl to a spitting yell in the span of a single joke. Sweet at his core, he’s developed an onstage character prone to overreactions and a hair-trigger temper. It’s as if he’s suffering from PTSD, with all of pop culture his personal Vietnam. With a loyal following from his appearances on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, his recurring role as a heckler in the audience of Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and his 2013 Feature Documentary "The Bitter Buddha", learn what comedy fans already know-Eddie Pepitone is a one-of-a kind voice in these times.

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Steven Feinartz


The Orchard


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Eddie Pepitone


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