Fishing Planet: Mighty Carp Tournament Pack
Fishing Planet: Mighty Carp Tournament Pack
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Are you ready for some Carp fishing?! These all-time European favorite game fish may be less popular in North America, but they sure are quite a challenge to catch being the hardest freshwater fish to fool into biting! So whether you’re a renowned Carp angler or just going to give these critters a chance for the first time, consider using the best tackle possible to enjoy your Carp fishing experience to the maximum and just get the Mighty Carp Tournament Pack! Mighty Carp Tournament Pack is a splendidly assembled tackle kit that has everything you need, even if your plans include becoming the Champion of Mighty Carp Tour! Yep, it has a full set of first class Tournament tackle that not only ranks as exclusive collectibles but also guarantees the ultimate angling performance! With Mighty Carp Pack you get a couple of MCT McCarp™ most powerful carp rods in history, the MCT CarpAxel™ super efficient spinning reels, the limited edition MCT FishBelly™ rod case, MCT ChumChest™ lure box and even the ultra slick MCT Carpster™ fishing jacket. You also get a whole bundle of goodies including all the terminal tackle, equipment and licenses you need to enjoy your Carp fishing experience, regardless of whether or not you’ll choose to take on the Tournament challenge. Mighty Carp Tournamet PackPack include: * 40 000 CREDITS - use your Credits to purchase new tackle, pay for fishing trips, repairs and any other in-game expenses. Spend your credits wisely! * 20 BAITCOINS - use to purchase certain fishing tackle, available only for BaitCoins. Spend your BaitCoins wisely! * 7 DAYS OF PREMIUM ACCOUNT Enjoy seven days of Premium Status and advance your game progress by getting a 50% boost to Experience and Credits earned for every fish you catch! In addition, you get the opportunity to rent a kayak with a 50% discount! You also get the privilege of free registration in Competitions and the advantage of using free Forward Time function twice as often! * 30 Storage Slots * 2 Tackle Setup Slots RODS ‘N REELS Rods: * UL-CHUBER™ MCT McCarp 375 - Length: 12' 4" (3.75 m); Casting Weight: 2 1/2 – 5 1/2 Oz. (70–155 g); Line Weight: 11–35 Lb. (5–16 kg) * UL-CHUBER™ MCT McCarp 400 - Length: 13' 2" (4.0 m); Casting Weight: 2 2/3 – 6 1/6 Oz. (75–175 g); Line Weight: 11–37.5 Lb. (5–17 kg) Reels: * UL-CHUBER™ MCT CarpAxel 7000 - Ratio: 5.1:1; Recovery: 42.5" (108 cm); Capacity: mono 37/120 (0.6/120), braid 36/215 (0.3/215); Max Drag: 34 Lb. (15.4 kg) * UL-CHUBER™ MCT CarpAxel 8000 - Ratio: 5.1:1; Recovery: 45.5" (116 cm); Capacity: mono .027"/115 (0.7/115), braid .0126"/250 (0.32/250); Max Drag: 36 Lb. (16.3 kg) TERMINAL TACKLE * Lines: Mono .02" (0.5 mm) - Length: 1000 yd (1000 m); Test: 32 Lb. (14.5 kg) Braid .008" (0.21 mm) - Length: 1000 yd (1000 m); Test: 33.9 Lb. (15.4 kg) * Carp Leaders: 25 Lb(11.35 kg); 30 Lb (13.6 kg); 35 Lb (15.9 kg) * Carp Hooks: #1/0; #2/0; #4/0; #6/0; #8/0 * Carp Camouflage Sinkers: 3 Oz. (85 g); 4 1/16 Oz. (115 g); 4 3/4 Oz. (135 g) * Flat Feeders: 2 5/6 Oz. (80 g); 3 1/5 Oz. (90 g); 3 5/9 Oz. (100 g) * PVA Feeders Golden: PVA Mesh Wide; PVA Bag Large * Sinking Boilies 25 mm Golden: Tiger Nut; Crab * Pop-up Pellets 14 mm Golden: Mulberry; Halibut * Groundbait Boilies 18 mm Golden: Tiger Nut; Crab; Mulberry; Halibut * Method Mix Golden: Hot Spices; Strawberry Banana; Squid Shrimp; Honey Citrus * Fermented Spod Mix Golden: Corn & Flax; Chickpea & Rapeseed * Aromas: X Flavour Supreme Golden * Baits: Sweet Corn; Sweet Peas; Pea dough; Bread with Honey EQUIPMENT * Garry Scott™ FishCastle L Keepnet - Max Single Fish Weight: 110 Lb. (50 kg); Total Fish Weight: 440 Lb. (200 kg) * Rivertex™ MCT FishBelly™ Rod Case - Rods:2, Reels: 2 * UL-CHUBER™ MCT ChumChest™ - Tackles: 90; Lines: 7 * Garry Scott™ MCT Carpster™ Jacket- Tackles: 15; Lines: 2 ADVANCED FISHING LICENSES (7 days): * Italy * California * Germany * Russia * United Kingdom


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