What's new in this version

>Three new stages added to Bonus Stages "Seasonal: Fall Hike", "Homage: CGA" and "Adventure: Victoria, BC" >"Bonus Stages" button now has a counter next to it to let players know if there are new stages to be played and completed. Folders will be yellow if new stages are within, gray if not. >All stages will now show "NEW" if not completed (if unlocked). >Top Fox has been reworked to be a main menu option. >Requirements reduced from completing all story stages to only needing first two story stages completed. >Profile editing and score submission has been separated into two pages. >Submission wait time reduced from 2 hours to just 10 minutes. >Added "Help" option to menu screen. This will give players a quick overview of game basics and other features. >Stage grades are no longer hidden before completing the game. Everyone will be graded, even new players! >Some elements of the UI have been reworked to make things easier to see. >Scoring and various bug fixes have been made based on user feedback.


  • 30+ boards, including additonal after completing main story.
  • Top Fox - After completing the game, keep your score up to date on the online leaderboards.
  • 4-bit (16 color) graphics for that retro vibe!
  • Bonus stages are added through content updates.