What's new in this version

DISCOVER NEW CHALLENGES ACROSS THE DOMAINS OF KRYSTARA IN OUR KINGDOM UPDATE! Experience a revamped progression system that updates kingdoms, challenges, and the story experience! Collect deeds to level your kingdoms further and earn even greater rewards! Keys to the Kingdom Progress through the story to naturally unlock kingdoms and level your hero, and receive new and improved rewards along the way. Overhauled Kingdoms An additional 5 levels have been added to each kingdom, providing new bonuses. Unlock these levels using deeds acquired from the adventure board. Challenges Rework New tiers of challenges have been added to each kingdom. Complete all the challenges to move up a tier and earn more rewards! Game Difficulty Changes To accommodate all the changes, the difficulty system has been reworked for quest and challenges. And more! Additional optimizations and bug fixes round out this update. Please visit for more info!