Heroes of the East
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Ho Tao (Gordon Liu Chia-hui) marries a Japanese girl, Kun Tse (Yuka Mizuno), in a marriage arranged by his father, a merchant based in Japan, who wishes to cement his business relations with the girl’s father, Kar Tin. Ho Tao is a scholar and a martial artist who practices Chinese martial arts. Ho Tao knew Kun Tse in his youth in Japan, but after he was sent back to China for further studies, he forgot about her until his father brought her to China to arrange their marriage. Ho’s neighbors think he beats his wife, making her cry out every morning. Ho is surprised by the rumors and one morning, he wakes up early and follows her. He finds her practicing karate and judo and realizes that the cries she makes as she practices are what the neighbors have heard. Ho wants his wife to practice Chinese kung fu instead of Japanese martial arts, but she refuses, leading to constant arguments between the couple. One day, Kun Tse discovers a martial arts practice-room filled with Chinese weapons. She places all her martial arts instruments in the room and puts aside her husband’s weapons. When Ho returns home and sees what his wife has done, he is furious and challenges her to a martial arts competition, Japanese-style versus Chinese-style. After their battle, Kun Tse returns to Japan, making Ho’s father annoyed and her own father angry. At home in Japan, she practices her Japanese martial arts with a handsome Japanese martial artist, Mao Yi Sam Chong (Yasuaki Kurata). Ho’s father returns to China to scold his son and insists that he bring Kun Tse back to China. Ho’s servant advises him that Kun Tse may return if he writes her a letter, challenging her to another martial arts competition. However, this letter arouses the national feeling of the Japan Martial Arts Association and it sends a representative of each of the Japanese fighting styles, kendo, karate, judo, etc., to China to take part in the challenge and defend the perceived slight on Japan’s martial arts tradition. Ho Tao takes up the mantle of Chinese martial arts and goes up against each of the Japanese fighters, showing his skill and bravery in a series of one-on-one fights.

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Liu Chia-liang


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