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Instant War Win 10

Join more than 10 million players and reign over the world!

Forge your empire, create alliances, recruit powerful heroes and mighty magical beasts! Fight against the Army of Darkness and the Lords from all over the world!



What's new in this version

Update 20: STORM THE SKY • Aircraft Recruitment - Recruit Aircraft units in the three new Buildings in your base! • Air Battles - Dominate the skies with three unique Air unit types! • Anti-Air units - Defend your ground army with the new S.A.M. unit! • Airfield - Manage your Air Forces from the Airfield in your Base! • New Production Buildings - Use the Aluminium mine and Jet Fuel refinery in your base to produce Aircrafts and fuel for Air marches! • Strategic Map - Added regional information.


  • BUILDING, FIGHTING: Everything happens on a unified world map set in 2040.
  • ENGAGE IN MASSIVE REAL-TIME BATTLES: Link up with your alliance to strike at full strength!
  • UNLEASHED TECHNOLOGY: Train elite troops and new tactical weapons powered by A.I. to crush your opponents.
  • MASTER THE BATTLEFIELD: Use 3D terrain at your advantage to ambush your opponents, where and when they don’t expect you.
  • STUNNING 3D GRAPHICS: Fully animated characters, high resolution terrain, dynamic lighting and beautiful VFXs.
  • PVE MISSIONS & EVENTS: Progress with solo PvE missions and prove your might in intense PvP events.
  • DOMINATE THE WORLD: Conquer the world with your alliance by claiming hard-won territories and elite resources.