Journey to the Center of the Earth
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Based on Jules Verne’s nineteenth century novel of the same name, Journey to the Center of the Earth is a standout adventure saga and is considered one of the most entertaining adaptations in the science fiction genre.  The film follows a Scottish professor, Oliver Lindenbrook, who accidentally discovers a map of sorts with directions on how to reach the center of the Earth through an Icelandic crater. When the professor looks to his colleague Alec McEwen to verify his discovery, Alec turns on him and the two engage in a race to see who will reach the center of the Earth first. Along the way lurk dangers such as kidnapping, death, sabotage, and attacks by giant prehistoric reptiles. Yet they also encounter such magnificent wonders as a glistening cavern of quartz crystals, luminescent algae, a forest of giant mushrooms, and the lost city of Atlantis.  The professor and his nemesis Alec McEwan have discovered an uncharted new world, but the race goes on – who will make it to the center of the earth first?

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Henry Levin


20th Century Fox


English (CC)

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2 h 9 min




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