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Julia's Challenge Logic & Password =========Story Background============== Keeley Julia's father was a great adventurer.But now he gotta to be retired. He wanner his daughter to continue his great adventure career,finding the acient primitive tribes and historical site. Although Julia has been with his father for a lot of great adventures,she is still required to be tested,for indendent adventure ability. So there begins today's guaduation challenge. First of all,Julia should pass the test of logic analysis ability.Because when to be outside,agility was import,but elaborative faculty should be more essential.In the next challenge,Julia should find out all the traces and various clues to get the password or finish the puzzle so that he could get herself out one and another perplexing chamber.... =========Game Feathers============= *Very simple gameplay,Just touch or drag can do a lot actions and interactive. *Well-planned game puzzle,each level test your diffent way of thinking.From easy to hard,gradually. *Mythious and suspensing sound effects,make you feel bing personally on the scene all the time. *Real 3d scene and dyamic camera,observing clearly and vivid. *Level-based game mode,always be clear to the current task. *Game strategy included,you can read help if necessary. ==================================== This game simplified the difficulty for item collection and has focused on the analysis of each quest.This can make you more clear current task and won't always be doubt about whether you have some conditions missing.All right then,if you wanner challenge the intelligence chamber with Julia,try it now! tags: tomb,room,door,rooms,passord,lock,escape,raider,maya,abstract 冒险家的挑战 逻辑密室篇 ==========故事背景===================== 凯丽.茱莉亚的父亲是一名伟大的冒险家,但现在他退休了,他希望自己的女儿可以继续他的冒险事业,研究发掘各种远古文明的原始部落和历史遗迹。虽说茱莉亚已经和饱经沧桑的父亲 一起有过多次冒险的经历,但她的父亲依然希望考验下她的独立冒险能力。于是,就有了今天的毕业挑战。 首先,茱莉亚要接受的测试是——逻辑和分析。因为在外冒险,身手矫健固然重要,头脑灵活却更为关键。在接下来的挑战中,茱莉亚要分析出所有蛛丝马迹和各种线索,得出密码或者解 开谜题,才能走出一个个错综复杂的封闭密室........ ===========游戏特色=================== *极简化操作,点击或者拖动便可完成各种动作。 *精心布局的谜团,每一个迷题都考验你不同的思维方式,由易到难,循序渐进。 *真3d场景,动态摄影机,逼真的观察体验。 *关卡式解密,个个击破,不至于无所适从。 *内置攻略,酌情查看。 ====================================== 本作简化了解谜要素收集的难度,把重点全部集中在分析上,这样你就不会怀疑自己是否还缺少什么线索导致不能专心思考。好了,想和茱莉亚一同挑战这些智力密室的话,就赶紧来试试 吧。 冒險家的挑戰 邏輯密室篇 ==========故事背景===================== 凱麗.茱莉亞的父親是壹名偉大的冒險家,但現在他退休了,他希望自己的女兒可以繼續他的冒險事業,研究發掘各種遠古文明的原始部落和歷史遺跡。雖說茱莉亞已經和飽經滄桑的父親 壹起有過多次冒險的經歷,但她的父親依然希望考驗下她的獨立冒險能力。於是,就有了今天的畢業挑戰。 首先,茱莉亞要接受的測試是——邏輯和分析。因為在外冒險,身手矯健固然重要,頭腦靈活卻更為關鍵。在接下來的挑戰中,茱莉亞要分析出所有蛛絲馬跡和各種線索,得出密碼或者解 開謎題,才能走出壹個個錯綜復雜的封閉密室........ ===========遊戲特色=================== *極簡化操作,點擊或者拖動便可完成各種動作。 *精心布局的謎團,每壹個迷題都考驗妳不同的思維方式,由易到難,循序漸進。 *真3d場景,動態攝影機,逼真的觀察體驗。 *關卡式解密,個個擊破,不至於無所適從。 *內置攻略,酌情查看。 ====================================== 本作簡化了解謎要素收集的難度,把重點全部集中在分析上,這樣妳就不會懷疑自己是否還缺少什麽線索導致不能專心思考。好了,想和茱莉亞壹同挑戰這些智力密室的話,就趕緊來試試 吧。


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