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"MADE IN VENICE is as close as you’ll come to the heartbeat of skateboarding, from its birthplace on the streets of Venice — aka “Dogtown”— to the local skateboarders who have held it up as “tradition” from the early ‘70s, and still do today. This is the documentary film that captures the firsthand stories and recollections of 40-plus years of skateboarding, from its birthplace Dogtown that started with the now-legendary Z-Boys, and continued with the street-wise skateboarders turning Pro in the 80s, to pioneering “street skating”, and to their heroic achievement – getting the Venice Beach Skatepark built. In candid and direct interviews, MADE IN VENICE captures the stories of the Venice legends and locals – counterculture characters who offer their insider’s look back at the early days of surviving the rough streets. They lived for skateboarding, and made it into a “lifestyle.” Never-before-seen Super-8 and early video footage, along with rare black and white stills, take you “back to the day” — from innovative demos on the Boardwalk to skating the walls of the Pavilion — as the Venice skaters pushed the boundaries of street- skating and put it on the global map. In the year 2000, when a city improvement plan turned their beloved Pavilion into a pile of rubble, the skaters realized they had to band together to do what seemed impossible: To finally get a skateboard park in Venice. World famous street-skate pioneer, Jesse Martinez, is featured in MADE IN VENICE, and was there every step of the way, from the dream, to the first shovel of dirt, to designing the park with a group of legendary Venice skaters, to his unforgettable speech on Dedication Day, surrounded by thousands of people from all over West Los Angeles who came to celebrate the new skatepark and the heroes who made it happen for the community.

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Jonathan Penson




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Diane Rozas


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