Maya & Her Lover
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Maya a woman who, stifled by complicated memories of her overbearing father and on the verge of becoming a recluse, begins a sexual relationship with Kaseem, a man 17 years her junior. At the ripe age of 22 Kaseem is unsuccessfully attempting to overcome his past. From the start the relationship is complicated. His game is clumsy, but endearing. Maya is flattered that such a young man is into her. He’s edgy and a bit dangerous, but, to Maya’s surprise, she likes it - a lot. Gone are the days of boredom. Steamy sex aside, it quickly becomes apparent that they are not compatible. She lacks enthusiasm and he’s surprisingly naïve. She’s lost her youthful hunger and and he still eats Captain Crunch. The relationship ends almost as quickly as it began. For Maya, the abrupt change is unsettling leaving her vulnerable and full of self-doubt. But when Kaseem uncharacteristically exposes his vulnerable side, it’s enough for Maya to go against her better judgment and give him a second chance. But the writing is on the wall. She knows that the relationship is nothing more than a distraction. A distraction from the work she must do on herself to feel whole again - if, she ever felt whole in the first place.

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Nicole Sylvester


1091 Pictures


English (CC)

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1 h 46 min




Nicole Sylvester


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