Neon Days
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24-year-old Jake lives a life controlled by depression, anxiety, and anger issues. His friends aren’t really his friends, and he lives with two roommates that ignore him. He decides to start therapy but isn’t comfortable talking about the issues that matter. His therapist, Sean, treads lightly and builds a relationship with Jake over the next few months. Jake is awkward in social interactions, and his daily routine follows a specific pattern. He sits by himself at lunch, and memories of his childhood are always creeping in. When there’s a party at work, he has to put on the Roller Rabbit costume to entertain the children. As he skates out of the bathroom, bunnied-up and embarrassed as hell, he meets a new co-worker, Sherry. She shakes his life up and asks questions that truly matter. Sean knows Jake’s past and current issues, but he still doesn’t know the cause. When he pushes too hard for Jake to open up, they part ways, and Jake is left to figure some things out on his own.

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Sheldon Maddux


Gravitas Ventures


English (CC)

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1 h 35 min




Sheldon Maddux


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