EA's NHL 19 for Xbox One
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Online multiplayer on Xbox requires Xbox Live Gold (subscription sold separately).   

Original price was $59.99, current price $29.99  
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User Rating: 1 out of 5

Submitted on9/17/2018

Review title of ChristopherAn absolute mess

I wanted to like this game. I really did. I've been playing NHL on Xbox since 2009, but I sat out last years and hoped that I would really get into this years offering. There have been a couple small annoyances, such as the inability to back out of HUT once you've selected it the first time, the menus aren't very slick and quite cumbersome, and I'm worried that all the options in World of CHEL are diluting the player pool. The biggest problems I have are gameplay and matchmaking. The tripping penalties are really out of control. It's not unusual to have 10-15 power plays PER TEAM due to the likelihood a player will hit the ice if you tap the RB, no matter how good your positioning is. And it's very rare to actually drop into a 4v4, 5v5, or 6v6 game. Typical wait times, just to drop into a lobby, are 5+ minutes during peak times. Off peak and you likely won't find enough players to fill a room before the game auto-starts. Overall, very disappointed. EA Access saved me $60

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User Rating: 3 out of 5

Submitted on11/25/2018

Review title of StephanieWhat I think of NHl 19 Pros/Cons

Okay.....so I’ll start with some positives -I have always loved playing nhl because the gameplay itself is unlike any other video game nhl 19 is just enhanced even more -Pond hockey is a great new feature overall I like also that you are playing to earn things rather than just to play -I liked when you play pond hock against the stars (In 3’s) there is a little story/summary of why you are playing that star and such -nhl is maybe one of the only main sports games that isn’t bringing to life a storyline of a character for example NBA 19, NBA live 19, FIFA, and even now NFL 19 it would make me want to stick with the game more -to go along with that be a pro doesn’t really get any better each year. Be a pro is my favorite mode to play on video games and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who would say that but....it’s just boring. Add a story or make the player more involved like the journey of a hockey star or what a real nhl player really does on and off the ice.

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