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Third Anniversary Celebration Contents: 1. Event time: August 10th, 2020-August 13th, 2020 (server time) 2. An announcement will appear in the activity center when the event is opened, a single celebration event will appear every day, and an alliance celebration event will appear every two days. Accumulated scores that meet the requirements of the gear can get corresponding rewards, and players who enter the activity leaderboard can get ranking rewards 3. The 3rd Anniversary Gold Coins can be obtained from the Barbarian Camp, Golden Treasure Boxes and Gift Packs, and the 3rd Anniversary Silver Coins can be obtained from Wild Monsters, Silver Treasure Boxes and Gift Packs 4. During the event, a black market will also be opened, which can be exchanged for 3rd anniversary gold and silver coins, and there are a lot of precious items 5. The third anniversary celebration package can be purchased on August 12th (server time), the package is a special offer


  • Challenge dragon BOSS
  • Cross-platform, global server
  • Recruit arms, form your own army
  • United allies, vying for the land of others
  • Limited development resources, Territory determines development potential