The Cleaner
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Buck Enderly lives in a broken-down RV in a trailer park, where he looks after his mother, Sharon. Buck runs Sharon’s house cleaning business to pay the bills but dreams of reclaiming his old job, fixing his RV, and finally taking a cross-country road trip. One day, a kindhearted but troubled young lady, Becky, and her abusive boyfriend move in next door. Becky invites Sharon to a housewarming party, and the women become fast friends. Becky helps reinvigorate Sharon, who in turn provides much-needed support and wisdom. Meanwhile, an eccentric new client, Carlene Briggs, admits she doesn’t want Buck to clean her house and instead asks him to find her estranged son, Andrew. Buck is reluctant to accept the job until Carlene reveals she’s terminally ill and needs to make amends with her son before it’s too late. With the help of his pot dealer, Buck locates the seedy diner where Andrew used to work and arranges a meeting. There, he tells Andrew about Carlene’s illness, and his emotional turmoil pushes Andrew to rob the diner at gunpoint. But when the robbery goes awry, Buck unwittingly becomes an accomplice and must decide whether to hide the truth from his family or come clean with everyone and move on with his life.

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Erin Elders


1091 Pictures


English (CC)

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1 h 33 min




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