The Happy Hamster: Your Virtual Pet Hamster - Hassle-Free Pet Ownership for the Modern Age
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So you’re either thinking of getting a new pet hamster and want to know more, or already have one and need some advice about how to best take care of your furry little friend, or perhaps you’d rather skip the mess and have a virtual hamster experience – well look no further because this program meets all these needs. Having a pet, no matter how big or small can be a daunting experience. What are the best kinds of food for him? What kind of shelter do they prefer? What kinds of toys will keep them happy? These questions and more will be answered for you by our certified hamster expert, Mister Cookie. He’s had many years experience living in coconut shells, frolicking in cedar chips, and running in hamster wheels to know a thing or two about what a hamster really wants and needs. And when you’re done finding out how to care for your little ball of joy, sit back and experience a virtual hamster experience all in the comfort of your living room, minus the smells and clean up. This is hamster care 101. Your hamster will thank you for it.

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