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A whimsical adventure game based on the bestselling Redwall™ books. Set in the winter shrouded wilderness between Lilygrove and Redwall™ Abbey, help Liam or Sophia race for help from the raiding rats under Scumsnout's command. “The Scout” is the first episode of “The Lost Legends of Redwall™” and is best understood as a stealth-adventure game, taking place in the middle of winter prior to the events of the original “Redwall™” book. “The Scout” tells the story of a mouse who is driven to Redwall Abbey when sea rats raid the peaceful village of Lilygrove. Not too far from the storied walls of Redwall™ Abbey is a small village of mice and moles called Lilygrove. Our hero, Sophia, is the newest member of the Lilygrove Scout Corps, a group of woodland rangers tasked with the protection of the little village and trained in the ancient ways of woodcraft. But her graduation is cut short by the sudden raid from a band of sea rats led by the brutal wearet, Scumsnout. It will take all of her wit and guile to make it out alive! The events of “The Scout” play out along the ancient, but now altered, course of the mighty River Moss. What was once a wide river is now the sunken bed of a seasonal creek that that runs east-west between Redwall Abbey and the Great South Stream that feeds the swamps south and east of Salamandastron. The player must find a way through the confusing snow-covered channel punctuated by occasional hedgerows, ancient stone walls, scattered shacks, and the few-and far-between hearths of friendly woodlanders. Along the way there is untold adventure to include (of course) feasting, fiddling, and even a few fisticuffs as we meet Valo Scrimpaw, the mysterious stoat who lives in the Winsome Wraith, Scumsnout the murderous weret, and even the ghost of Martin who offers assistance just when all seems lost.


What's new in this version

In Act I we decided to make an additional big investment in getting it right. We’ve read your comments, & spent a lot of time reworking this episode to be the polished experience you are looking for. -Major improvements to scent system. -Huge improvements to environmental visuals -More depth & operation in dialog system. -Major rework of overall flow & goal progression. -On-Screen Objective markers. -New interaction system. -Big performance improvements. -Reworked all trees & underbrush visuals & performance. -Smoothed & improved player control. -Global geometry polish & improvements. -Checkpoint & save system overhaul. -Plus hundreds more updates, improvements & bug fixes! The new & improved scent system is the most obvious. Now, for the first time, it looks & plays the way we intended. The huge update to the game’s environmental visuals includes verything from the trees to the rocks & the water. We’ve really doubled down on making the world of Redwall come alive. Player direction & avatar controls were two of the greatest complaints we received. With that in mind, we’ve reworked almost all of the control systems to be much tighter & added several new systems to make next steps more clear, including on-screen objective system markers & hinting layers to make sure players always have the clues they need. Scout tools have been given some TLC too, with an improved wayglass for finding geocaches & more power & precision from your slingshot.


  • A Deep, Compelling storyline
  • Original Composed and Performed Soundtrack
  • Voice Overs From Both New and Established actors
  • New Dynamic Scent System
  • Completely new Redwall™ stories

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Soma Games


THE LOST LEGENDS OF REDWALL™: THE SCOUT © Soma Games LLC, The Redwall Abbey Company Limited and The Random House Group Limited, 2018. All rights reserved.

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Soma Games

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5.87 GB

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For ages 10 and up


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