The Three Stooges In Orbit
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From their rented room in the gloomy old castle of eccentric Professor Danforth and his lovely daughter Carol (Carol Christensen), the Three Stooges learn of a Martian spy who's posing as a servant in order to get at the Professor's new invention -- a combination submarine-helicopter-tank. But when Air Force Captain Tom Andrews (Edson Stroll) arrives to test the machine, he finds he's more interested in Carol as the Stooges soon turn the whole demonstration into a complete shambles. After capturing the machine, the Martian spies go winging through space with the Stooges clinging to its side. And once the three heroes manage to destroy the all-purpose military weapon and its alien passengers, they finally make their own hilarious escape.

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Edward Bernds


Sony Pictures


English (CC)

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1 h 27 min




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