Tooth Fairy
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After her twin sister dies, Carla takes her late sister’s child Corey, back home to the deserted farm land in Wale, to collect his birth certificate so they can begin a fresh new life. However, while returning home Carla begins to acquaint herself with old friends, old flings, and her seemingly crazy mother who is convinced that as a child she banished the cursed Toothfairy with the other local children. Convinced her mother is crazy, Carla can’t wait to leave. However, soon Carla will begin to realise the Toothfairy is very much alive, and has risen once again to take the teeth of those who are naughty. She will stop at anything to collect the towns people’s teeth. Carla not only has to protect Corey’s life, but also her own, as the Toothfairy tries to take as many victims as she can.

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Louisa Warren


Stadium Media


English (CC)

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1 h 25 min




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