What's new in this version

A new update for Tropico 6 is now available for free! This adds many quality-of-life improvements plus, a completely new language (Arabic) to the game. It also fixes many bugs in both the main game and DLC. Check below for further details: Improvements · Arabic language support added. · [Multiplayer] Palace customization now visible in multiplayer. Bug fixes · Fixed an issue where guerrilla attacks could lead to performance drops. · Fixed an issue where discarding an ultimatum would lead to a lost game event though an alliance with another superpower existed. · Fixed an issue where tourist planes could sometimes fly vertically or upside-down. · Fixed an issue where Tropicans walked on roads instead of using the sidewalk. · Fixed an issue where Tropicans could get stuck at bridges. · Fixed an issue where firefighters would stay at a building even after extinguishing the fire. · Fixed several crashes. · Fixed several graphical glitches. · Fixed translation and text issues. · Fixed an issue where achievements would not trigger on Xbox Game Preview version Spitter DLC · Fixed an issue which prevented the new music tracks from being played.